The annals “Małopolska. Regiony – regionalizmy – małe ojczyzny” [“Malopolska. Regions – regionalisms – local homeland”] is published by Małopolski Związek Regionalnych Towarzystw Kultury and Malopolska Voivodeship Public Library in Cracow in cooperation with Polish Historical Society. This publication refers to the traditions of the XIXth century press and regional publishing. It is the only publishing in Malopolska [Lesser Poland] which constantly and widely presents the topics of regionalisms in an interdisciplinary context (history, ethnography, cultural heritage, literature and art). The publishing is interregional – it concerns the area of historical Malopolska [Lesser Poland] i.e. present Malopolska [Lesser Poland], part of the Silesian voivodship as well as Świętorzyskie and Podkarpackie voivodships.

The annals popularizes both historical and cultural heritage of Malopolska [Lesser Poland], presents the accomplishments of the creators and the investigators of the region, the culture of the minorities and the educational paths of the region, intellectual life of the local society as well as facilitates the archives and documents concerning the region.

The editors cooperate with the representatives of the academic world from Cracow and Malopolska [Lesser Poland] as well as the regionalists, social animators of culture, local investigators, local governors with their workers, leaders of the cultural movement, journalists, teachers, librarians, curators, students and those who are simply passionate about the region.

The first volume was founded and published in 1999 thanks to pr. Władysław Pilarczyk. The founder was supported by the Cracovian academics Prof. Feliks Kiryk, Ph.D. (the Chairman of the Editorial Office) and Ph.D. Edward Chudziński, who was the first editor. Since 2011 the editor has been Prof. Zdzisław Noga, Ph.D.

According to the publishing list (2015) of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the annals “Malopolska” was rated for 6 points (part B). Thanks to this every investigator who has published their article in the annals got this number of points. The articles published in this annals are summarised in English.